Age: 37
Occupation: Lord of the Kindergarten, Impressor of 5-year olds
Home town: North Kingstown, Rhode Island
Bikes: Cannondale F500, Specialized Rockhopper tricked out w/slicks and a
            mad-baby seat, Klein Navigator - for Deathriding
Name of favorite bike: The Scorcher - a powder blue ten-speed that went off
            road, off ramps and always got me home in time for dinner!
First bike: A schwinn w/a yellow banana seat and ape hanger bars-eventually
            devoved into a snow bike, specialising in fish tails, powerslides and
            headon crashes into snow banks
First mountain bike: Toys R Us special that got boosted from my dorm in Philly
Where really learned to ride: Marin Headlands, Mt.Tam and Golden Gate Park!
Last bike part purchased: Jet Lite Headlamp - its the bomb!

Last book read: Mao II, by Don Delillo
Favorite Enlightenment philosopher:
Favorite 1970s TV drama: S.W.A.T. / White Shadow
Favorite 1980s TV sitcom: The A-Team (officially a drama, but really
            classic if watched as a sitcom)
Vision for America: Better living through chemistry
Favorite politician: Former Mayor, the felonious Vincent "Buddy" Cianci
Drudge Report or The Onion: The Onion
Highest title held: None

Personal slogan: Whatever . . . let's ride!


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