Age: On a crash course with Master's Class
Occupation: Give me some more time.  It'll come to me eventually.
Home town: The 'Burgh
Bikes: Love 'em.
Name of favorite bike: I sure as shit can't afford it, so I ain't gonna bother putting a name on it.
First bike: A vintage yellow hand-me-down, coaster-braked, single-speed Schwinn that my brother Drew, without asking, tricked out with a banana seat, chopper handle bars and fork, and a 10-inch front wheel I think he must have stolen from a neighbor's baby stroller.  Was pissed about it then, but sure wish I knew what happened to that thing now.
First mountain bike: You mean the Green Giant I've been riding since '95? (*Editor's note: Krusty was seen cavorting about the streets of Flagstaff in 1993-1994 with a "Mt. Pocono." The manufacturer of this model is unknown, but it was a deathtrap and reportedly weighed in at three stone and 10.)
Where really learned to ride: The Coconino
Last bike part purchased: "Purchase?"  You mean, like, you guys actually buy parts?

Last book read: Chang, R. (2002) Chemistry. 7th Ed. McGraw Hill, Boston.
(Trust me. It sucked.)
Favorite Enlightenment philosopher: Peter Tosh
Favorite 1970s TV drama: Turn off your TV.
Favorite 1980s TV sitcom: Turn off your TV.
Vision for America: Democracy -- I know, I know. Ain't gonna happen. Fu'get abaaat it. But I can dream, can't I?
Favorite politician: Current politician?  At this point, I'm so disillusioned with the spinelessness of politicians in the U.S. that I've got to either reach back in time or go international.  For now, I'll stay domestic and cast my vote for James E. Carter, Jr.
Drudge Report or The Onion: Onion
Highest title held: I'm dot-virgin and damn proud of it.

Personal slogan: "It's not the years.  It's the mileage."


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