Age: What's it to you?
Occupation: Exterminator
Home town: Atherton, CA. That's pronounced "Ahhhhrthurtun."
Bikes: 2007 Specialized FRS Stumpjumper Comp Women's ("Stumpy"); 1994 Gary Fisher Hoo Koo e Koo ("The Hoo-she")
First bike: Purple 1970s Schwinn Fairlady with flower banana seat and streamers on the handlebars.
Where really learned to ride: Flagstaff, AZ
Last bike part purchased: Stumpy

Last book read: Havoc, Jack DuBrul
Favorite Enlightenment philosopher: Gloria Steinem
Favorite TV show : Seinfeld
Vision for America: For California to secede
Highest dot.com title held: Senior Software QA Engineer

Personal slogan: Doing something is better than doing nothing.



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