Age: Sub-40
Occupation: Laborer
Home town: Alpine, CA
Residence: The Coastside, baby!

Bikes: 2006 Gary Fisher ProCaliber ("ProCal"); 1995 Gary Fisher Hoo Koo E Koo ("The Hoo-e"); 2004 Airborne Zeppelin ("The Blade")
First bike: Early 1970s Schwinn 3-speed with Camaro like power shifter on the top tube
First mountain bike: 43-pound Murray Baja
Where really learned to ride: Flagstaff, AZ
Last bike part purchased: Crank Brothers Candy MTB pedals (black)

Last book read: Tourist Season, Carl Hiaasen
Favorite Enlightenment philosopher: Thomas Hobbes
Favorite TV show : Seinfeld
Vision for America: Practice what we preach
Favorite politician: Dennis Kucinich
Highest title held: Associate

Personal slogan: The truth is what you make it


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